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helper application

on Fri Feb 09, 2018 4:45 pm
IGN: Spamie

Discord: Spamie#2415

multilingual: I am not multilingual


Time Zone: Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

i have been mute on this server but it was for no reason. but besides that no i haven't been ban from any other server.

I live in Australia, my favourite sport is soccer, i like fifa, minecraft and horizon (not to brag i have 150 wins)

I am a nice person and i will give everyone a nice warm welcome to this server. Smile

i usually go on this server 2 hours a day or less just to check up on stuff and when someone new join i just be nice and say hi to them.

i want to be helpful and keep all the griefers and spammers out of the server and make that server great again xD.

i am a moderator on my friends server and i was a great help there so i hope i do a great job on this server to.

Yes i do agree with that

Nah thats all thanks
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