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Helper Application *NEW*

on Tue Feb 13, 2018 8:21 pm
IGN(In Game Name): IYourNameHereI

*Do you have Discord: (This is a Requirement, If Yes Then Also Put your Name and ID.) Yes I do. IYourNameHereI#0127

*Are you multilingual (If yes please put down all the other languages you speak.)? No sir, I am not.

What server are you applying for?
The Pantheon. (DUH) IP Address:
*Timezone: Central Time Zone. UTC-06:00

Timed played on the server (Must at least be over 8 hours in-game time): I am not sure but I know for a fact it has been a while.

*Have you ever been banned on our or other servers (if so please answer with a reason why.)?
No sir I have not.
About You
I am 13 years old, very kind and always looking to help others.
*Why do you think we should choose you?
IM always here to help when I can, and I listen to orders from higher ranks if I'm told to.
*How much time can you contribute to the server (Must be more than 8 hours a week unless on LOA)?
I can contribute 1 hour a day Monday through Friday and up to 12 on the weekends. So I'd say over 24 hours weekly.
*Why do you want to become staff?
I really like to help people out and I want to watch the server grow into a loving community.
*Have you ever been staff on any other server besides ours (if yes please answer with a list of the server name(s). And if you have been demoted/removed from staff please put the reason why.)? I have but I cannot recall the names because I purchased a new computer. I was never demoted either.

*After you are accepted you will be asked to join the staff interview channel on discord do you agree to this?
I agree.
Anything else we should know? Nope! Very Happy
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